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Welcome to my Podcast page!

Podcast is a generic term (from Ipod and broadcast) to describe digital media files that can be downloaded over the Internet. These audio or video files are syndicated on special channels or RSS feeds. By subscribing to this feed, you can automatically be notified of new content or have it downloaded to you computer. From there, these music, photo, or video files can be transferred to portable media devices like the Ipod.
While podcasts are usually just audio files, vidcasts are video files. The most common audio file format is the mp3. The most common file formats for vidcasts are .wmv for Windows machines and .mpg4 for Apple products, like the Ipod.
The Podcast subscription page require an RSS news reader or updated Web browser (like Internet Explorer 7). If your computer does not have this feature, it will not properly render the XML language and what you will see is the programming code itself. If that is the problem, updating your browser or downloading an RSS news aggregator will resolve the issue. MORE DETAILS…

The link below will list several Digital Media projects that are in the developmental stage, work in progress.

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